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Clinical data on the Heliosphere balloon and its competitors


A quick review of recent intragastric balloon efficiency data shows that the Heliosphere1,2,3,4,5 balloon offers significative efficacy for the treatment of obesity. The consensual threshold of 25% of Excess Weight Loss is clearly reached by patients treated by the Heliosphere balloon.

StudyYearNumber of patients with HeliosphereMean Implantation durationMean BMI at insertion (kg/m2)Mean BMI loss (kg/m2)Mean Excess Weight Loss (%)Mean Weight Loss (kg)
Erdem, H.20167526 weeks41,6 ± 6,75,733.2%Not reported
Palmisano, S.20165824 weeks39,6 ± 6,93,6 ± 2,328.1% ± 2010,1 ± 6,5
Coenye201725024 WeeksNR15(0-42kg)NRNR
Romney, R.202011029 weeks35,2 ± 4,34,4 ± 2,148% ± 3312,2 ± 5,7
StudyErdem, H.
Number of patients with Heliosphere75
Mean Implantation duration26 weeks
Mean BMI at insertion (kg/m2)41,6 ± 6,7
Mean BMI Loss (kg/m2)5,7
Mean Excess Weight Loss (%)33.2%
Mean Weight Loss (kg)Not reported
StudyPalmisano, S.
Number of patients with Heliosphere58
Mean Implantation duration24 weeks
Mean BMI at insertion (kg/m2)39,6 ± 6,9
Mean BMI Loss (kg/m2)3,6 ± 2,3
Mean Excess Weight Loss (%)28.1% ± 20
Mean Weight Loss (kg)10,1 ± 6,5
Number of patients with Heliosphere250
Mean Implantation duration24 Weeks
Mean BMI at insertion (kg/m2)NR
Mean BMI Loss (kg/m2)15(0-42kg)
Mean Excess Weight Loss (%)NR
Mean Weight Loss (kg)NR
StudyRomney, R.
Number of patients with heliosphere110
Mean Implantation duration29 weeks
Mean BMI at insertion (kg/m2)35,2 ± 4,3
Mean BMI loss (kg/m2)4,4 ± 2,1
Mean Excess Weight Loss (%)48% ± 33
Mean Weight loss (kg)12,2 ± 5,7

This level of efficacy is similar to other balloons6,7,8,9,10 present on the market.

This has been demonstrated by Palmisano in her study from 2016 where she did not find a significative difference between BIB and the Heliosphere balloon.

This has been previously shown by Costil11 in her comparative study which concluded that results were similar between both the Heliosphere ballon and BIB but also highlighted the decisive aspect of the quality of patient monitoring to achieve real and lasting weight loss.

The following figure 1 shows the difference in terms of weight loss according to the quality of the follow up:

BalloonStudyWeight loss(kg)
SilimedGuedes, E.P., et al.(2016). Diabetol Metab Syndr 8: 81.11,7 ± 9,6
ObalonDe Peppo, F., et al.(2017). Endosc Int Open 5(1): E59-E636.54
MedSilAlmeghaiseeb, E. S., et al.(2017).World J Clin Cases 5(4): 140-14712,48 ± 5,16



Tate, C.M.etal.(2107). Adv Ther 34(8): 1859-18759,9 ± 6,6
(Etude FDA 2015)

7,2 ± 5,4
(Etude FDA 2015)

Fig. 1


The most important difference concerns tolerance and this is also in favour of the Heliosphere air inflated intragastric balloon. The usual adverse events are known for other intragastric balloon types :

BalloonStudyDeflationMigrationEarly Removal
SilimedGuedes, E.P., et al.(2016). Diabetol Metab Syndr 8: 81.NRNR8%
ObalonDe Peppo, F., et al.(2017). Endosc Int Open 5(1): E59-E6331%18%NR
MedSilAlmeghaiseeb, E. S., et al.(2017).World J Clin Cases 5(4): 140-147NR2% (2 surgical remove)7%
OrberaForce A.B.E.T. et al(2015). Gastrointest Endosc 82(3):425NR1.4%7.5%

It should be noted that results with the Heliosphere balloon are clearly different with a low rate of adverse events and impressive findings regarding the safety of use.

StudyNumber of patients with HeliosphereInplantation durationDeflationMigrationEarly Removal
Erdem, H., et al.(2016). Dicle Tip Dergisi 43(1)7526 weeks4 in the last month03 removal for intolerance
Greco (Kaizer Hospital – Soa Paulo)1025 weeks000
Palmisano, S., etal.(2016). Obesity surgery 26(9): 2131-2137.5824 weeksNR00
Espinet Coll, E., etal.(2017). Rev Esp Enferm Dig 109(5): 350-3577024 weeksFew (no figures)0NR
StudyErdem, H., et al.(2016). Dicle Tip Dergisi 43(1)
Number of patients with Heliosphere75
Inplantation duration26 weeks
Deflation4 in the last month
Early Removal3 removal for intolerance
StudyGreco (Kaizer Hospital – Soa Paulo)
Number of patients with Heliosphere10
Inplantation duration25 weeks
Early Removal0
StudyPalmisano, S., etal.(2016). Obesity surgery 26(9): 2131-2137.
Number of patients with Heliosphere58
Inplantation duration24 weeks
Early Removal0
StudyEspinet Coll, E., etal.(2017). Rev Esp Enferm Dig 109(5): 350-357
Number of patients with Heliosphere70
Inplantation duration24 weeks
DeflationFew (no figures)
Early RemovalNR


The continuous scientific watch realised in 2018 shows that:
  • Death (33 between 2006 and 2017) with liquid-filled balloons are underestimated12.
  • There is a real problem with over-inflation and pancreatitis with liquid filled balloon.13
  • Medsil still has problem of ulceration and migration14,15.
  • Elipse still have seducing results in terms of weight loss (13kg)16 and begins to know about problems of overinflation17.
  • Spatz 3 is still dealing with erosion/perforation leading up to 20% of early removal18,19,20 and pancreatitis 21.
  • Other liquid filled balloons (quoted above) remain with around 8% early removal.
Since 2018, the French Health Authority (ANSM) declared overinflation and pancreatitis problems with Orbera, Elipse and Endalis Analysis made on Dec. 1st 2018 from the MAUDE database shows the following results: 190 events declared for Orbera in 2018:
  • 4 new deaths declared.
  •  40% are mentioned as injuries.
  • ¼ are due to over inflation (up to 1.2 liters).
In the same time, Reshape and Obalon were responsible respectively for 10 and 25 declarations, mainly due to ulcerations and migrations.

At the same time, the Heliosphere balloon demonstrates safe use for the practitioner and the patient every time. The proof is clear that there is no need to make patients sick so that they lose weight.


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