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Minimally invasive, biocompatible and atraumatic. Designed to guarantee safe and effective calibration for surgical treatment.

The HELIOSOND® silicone gastric tube is a disposable, non-sterile device for use in obesity surgery to perform gastroplasty.

Made completely of flexible silicone, with a diameter of 36Fr or 39Fr and tube length of 850mm, it terminates in a comfortable conical tip to facilitate ease of introduction.

Surgery, easier and safer

Positioned in less than 5 minutes, with no endoscopy required, the procedure can be performed by the surgeon or anaesthesiologists in complete safety.

Two versions for better control

  • HELIOSOND® HSG standard – the standard tube in 36 or 39Fr
  • HELIOSOND® HSG Balloon. Designed with an asymmetric balloon aligned with a centimetric scale to enable precise position control within the stomach. It can be inflated up to 40ml by air or saline.

As a minimally invasive, biocompatible, and atraumatic medical tool, the HELIOSOND HSG guarantees safe and effective calibration for the surgical treatment for obesity.